Sancta Maria College, Louisburgh and Our Lady’s Secondary School, Belmullet Innovation with ICT

Sancta Maria College in Louisburgh has partnered with Our Lady’s Secondary School, Belmullet to offer students a new and innovative way of learning over the net thus broadening the curriculum by participating in a distance learning initiative.

The pilot project is currently being run in both schools. Sancta Maria College and Our Lady’s Secondary School are the first two Mayo Schools to engage in this initiative. Students are offered Applied Maths and senior Home Economics as part of the project.

The availability of 100MB high speed broadband in both schools has provided the opportunity for distance learning to take place.

This distance learning methodology allows for the teacher giving the class to do so from their usual location, but instead of students having to be in the same physical classroom, they can participate via a video link from the other school.

This allows all students to participate in the class without having to travel to a central location. Both the teacher and student can see and hear each other as well as being able to share content such as homework or presentations over the internet.

A culture of e-learning has been established in Sancta Maria College in recent years with i-pads introduced in classes.

School Principal, Ms. Pauline Moran explains that this latest project is another example of creating awareness of IT among all students at the school.

By choosing a unified communications platform, we are able to provide a fully featured distance learning solution for all our students.

It is hoped to expand this pilot project to include working with the nearby Islands and indeed other countries in the near future according to Ms. Moran.

Our Lady’s Secondary School are very proud of their consistent high results and excellent placing in the League Tables as published in national newspapers and this initiative will further enhance student learning and high achievement.

Ms. Josephine Moran (Acting Principal, Our Lady’s Secondary School, Belmullet) says that times are changing and once again Our Lady’s are to the fore in embracing these changes.

This initiative offers students new and exciting opportunities and choices.

E-learning and the use of ICT are not new to Our Lady’s as all computer suites and classrooms have state of the art computer equipment thanks to funding from the Department of Education & Skills and the Parent’s Association. 









Pictured above are the students from both schools who are taking part in the project along with their teachers and school principals.