Scholarships galore for Our Lady’s Secondary School, Castleblayney

Our Lady’s Secondary School, Castleblayney can justifiably be proud of the Leaving Cert class of 2012 who notched up a total of 8 scholarships, three at national level, including the very prestigious Naughton and JP McManus scholarships, all of which were presented on the basis of excellence and high achievement in their Leaving Cert .

First to the podium in Trinity College Dublin was Fearghal Donaghy, Dearbhla Hughes and Ryan Woods all of whom received entrance scholarships based on their excellent Leaving Cert results. 


Pictured above left to right, Ryan Woods, Dearbhla Hughes, Fearghal Donaghy and Principal, Mr Gerard McGuill.

Fearghal is now pursuing Theoretical Physics while Dearbhla Hughes is studying Computer Science & German.

Ryan Woods is studying Pharmacy. All 3 students enjoy the financial benefit of €1000 for one year and are given priority in the allocation of places in College Residences.

A few weeks later, Frances Ryan and Fearghal Donaghy were to receive further acknowledgement of their excellence and interest in the Science area when they were both awarded scholarships by the Naughton Foundation.

These scholarships, sponsored by the Naughton Foundation, are awarded to the top science students from the counties of Monaghan, Louth, Meath, Cavan, Mayo and Donegal who intend to pursue a full-time undergraduate programme in Engineering, Science or Technology related courses.

Mr Martin Naughton of the Naughton Foundation presents the silver medal award to Fearghal Donaghy of the Leaving cert class of 2012, Our Lady’s Secondary School. Also in the photo is Mr Ruairi Quinn, Minister for Education and Principal of Our Lady’s Mr Gerard McGuill.

Two scholarships, gold and silver are presented in each of the named counties and Our Lady’s was very proud to have received both scholarships for Co Monaghan with Frances receiving the gold and Fearghal the silver.

The gold medal award is worth €4000 per annum to the student for the duration of his/her undergraduate programme while the silver medal winner receives €2000, with a €1000 donation to the school’s Science department. The scholarships were presented by Mr Martin Naughton of the Naughton Foundation at a ceremony in Dublin attended by the Minister for Education, Mr Ruairi Quinn.

Frances Ryan, Our Lady’s Secondary School receives the Gold Medal Award from Mr Martin Naughton of the Naughton Foundation. She is pictured here with Minister for Education, Mr Ruairi Quinn and Principal of Our Lady’s, Mr Gerard McGuill.

Frances Ryan is studying Science at DCU while Fearghal Donaghy is studying Theoretical Physics at Trinity College.

Shortly afterwards the Entrance scholarships were announced for University College Dublin and once again two students from the class of 2012 were honoured with Aodhan Callan and James Lavelle receiving just recognition for their excellent achievement in their Leaving Certs.

Both boys, Aodhan and James are studying Engineering in UCD and were the recipients of €1000 for one year and priority in the allocation of places in college residences.

Aodhan Callan & James Lavelle of the Leaving cert class of 2012 in Our Lady’s are presented with Entrance scholarships to UCD. Principal Mr Gerard McGuill was also in attendance.

The icing on the cake for Aodhan Callan was the award of one of the very prestigious JP McManus Scholarships in November which saw Aodhan travel to Limerick where he was presented with his award by the former President Bill Clinton.

Aodhan receives €6750 per annum for the duration of his undergraduate programme, he is now pursuing Engineering in UCD.


Aodhan Callan receives the JP McManus scholarship from former President, Mr Bill Clinton. Also pictured is Mr JP McManus and School Principal, Mr Gerard McGuill.

Speaking at the school during the week, Principal, Mr Gerard McGuill offered his congratulations to all the students who had been awarded scholarships.

“These young people have not reached such dizzying heights without alot of hard work and effort and indeed have reaped the rewards of their efforts, they are a credit to themselves and their families and we in Our Lady’s are very proud of their achievements, all of these young students received well in excess of 500 points!

They are wonderful ambassadors for the school and they epitomise all that is good in Our Lady’s, striving to do their best, to make the most of their talents while remaining true to their core values of honesty, integrity and fair play. All of the staff join with me in wishing them well in their future endeavours.

As we do to all the class of 2012 in their chosen career paths and courses. Of course none of this could happen without the hard work of a very committed and dedicated staff and on behalf of the students I would like to acknowledge their unfaltering committment and interest in the well being of their students.”

Congratulations to all concerned.