Grandparents Day at Presentation Secondary School, Limerick

At 2p.m. on Wednesday January 30th very special visitors arrived at our school. These were invited guests who are the Grandparents of our 1st and 2nd years.

It was a delightful afternoon having these wonderful people back in school again and this time accompanied and taken care of by their grandchildren.

The afternoon began with a special prayer service of welcome. The Sacred Space reminded us of one thousand five hundred years of Christianity in Ireland and of course during the week we celebrate the Feast days of Don Bosco and St. Brigid.

We also remembered Nano Nagle the Foundress of Catholic Education in Ireland. It was also the week we celebrated Catholic Schools Week in the school.

The reading was special Mark 4:1-20 “The parable of the sower going out to sow the grain”.

This reading taught us the importance of the Wisdom of Grandparents who pass the seeds of Faith from generation to generation.

Mrs. Helen Coady our special guest Grandmother gave us deep insights of being a mother and grandmother.

Then to our celebration. Mary Ryan, Home School Laision person provided us with delicious sandwiches and of course a special cake for Grandparents.

(Sr. Colette Hourigan P.B.V.M. School Chaplain).

Grandparents Day Photo Gallery

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