Mary Immaculate Secondary School, Lisdoonvarna Comenius Project

Over the years Mary Immaculate Secondary School, Lisdoonvarna, Co. Clare has taken part in a number of Comenius projects which are part funded by the European Union.

At present they are involved in a Comenius project with a school in Hoorn, Holland and one in Breno in Italy.

This is a two year project with TY student involved each year.

This year involves a trip to Holland with students and Lisdoonvarna are hosting students from the other schools in May.

Our students stay in the homes of students from the school they are visiting and they will be hosted by families while they are visiting us in May.

In the present project all participating schools are focussing on a local area. They are looking at an area of special interest to nature, or an area which has a special landscape.

These areas might be special but they are not always very suitable to make a good living. The area that the Lisdoonvarna School is looking at is the Burren.

The students are investigating how areas poor in resources can be rich in many other aspects.

In the project the students will focus on a number of aspects:

1. Human interest: What kind of people live in the area? What are their local traditions and what kind of solutions did they find for the specific possibilities of the area.

2. Biology: How did nature adapt to the physical landscape and what are the differences in comparison with other areas in the neighbourhood.

3. Economy: How do people earn a living in a difficult environment?

4. Sustainability: How will the area be preserved for future generations?

The practical outcomes of this project are that the students will create an interactive website on each of the three areas at the end of the first year and an App at the end of the second year.

 It is hoped that anyone visiting these areas can use these during a visit to the area to tell them anything they would like to know about the area. These Apps will be presented to the local tourist organisations at the end of the project.

15 students from Mary Immaculate Secondary School travelled to Hoorn in Holland in early February. The first day of the trip involved looking at tourist attractions in Hoorn and seeing how they could be made more interesting to people their age.

In the evening students from all there schools cooked dishes from their own country which were shared with all the other students involved.

The Lisdoonvarna students showed off their cooking skills by making Irish stew, bacon and cabbage and finished it off with apple crumble.

These dishes went down very well with the other students.

On the second day they toured Amsterdam and took a canal cruise and visited Amsterdams interactive Museum.

On the third day they attended classes in the school in Hoorn with their host students.

As well as this they gave presentations on the Burren. Some of the topics they covered were the population structure of the area as well as employment data from the 2011 census.

They also gave presentations on tourism in the area as well as traditional music.

They made this more interesting by playing some Irish music for the other students.

The final day involved visiting the polders.

Here they looked at farming on the polders and examined the soil profiles of a number of polders.

They also looked at the traditional method of pumping water from the polders by visiting a windmill and examining in detail its workings.

Other Photos

Pictured above are participating students and teachers on the comenius project.

The Windmill the students visited.

Students pictured examining polder soils.

Mary Immaculate Secondary School, Lisdoonvarna students on the way home!