Survey for World Wise Global Schools

Worldwise Global School (WWGS) is a new agency established by Irish Aid for all post primary schools who want to engage in Development Education issues as part of their school activity.

Irish Aid has launched its new support agency for Development Education within post–primary schools in Ireland.

Irish Aid’s Worldwise Global Schools programme will provide a range of supports for development education initiatives at post-primary level under the extended Development Education Strategy 2007-2015.

This new programme, WorldWise Global Schools, will support and fund the school Linking and Immersion scheme, along with awards, school based activities, resource development, capacity building and teacher education.

It is envisaged that WorldWise Global Schools will contribute in the longer term to increased knowledge and understanding of global justice issues and increased engagement and action by students as active global citizens.

An extensive baseline research project during February and March, will inform a strategy for Post-Primary schools support.

This will be published in June 2013 and will inform our support for the integration of Development Education through curricular and extra-curricular opportunities.

As part of this research we would ask Principals or Deputy Principals to fill in this online survey, the findings from which the WWGS strategy with post-primary schools will be developed.