St Mary's Secondary School, Macroom Students Visit Poor Clare Convent in Cork

St Mary's Secondary School, Macroom, Co. Cork students recently visited the Poor Clare Convent, College Road, Cork.

The sisters issued an invitation and the school were delighted to accept.

The sisters warmly greeted the visiting students and the whole class wrote individual letters and got individual replies!

The visit has made the girls more aware of another type of lifestyle and value system.

What was most amazing was the sisters happiness.

They made it a fun meeting and that was lovely, yet they spoke of the centrality of Christ in their lives.

Student Account of Visit

On Thursday, 7th February 2012, the 1A1 class of St.Mary’s Secondary School visited the Poor Clare’s in College Road, Cork.

We had previously written to the nuns and were delighted when they replied individually to each student. We then went and visited the nuns in their Closed Order Convent.

The students gave the nuns presents, a box of Marks & Spencer’s biscuits and a bunch of flowers, and the nuns in return provided the 18 girls with biscuits of their own and drinks.

They then went on to talk about their life in the convent and we would all agree that it was an experience not to be forgotten.

The nuns told us about their lifestyles, how they grow their own food in the garden, the time’s they pray and go to mass, and how they chose to not eat meat, excluding fish, living a vegetarian lifestyle.

The nuns were also very interested to find out about the changes in Macroom Town, especially Sister Mary who grew up in the town itself.

They told us that they were very close to God and lived their life abiding his ways, trusting him completely.

It was a very exciting day and I’m sure no one will forget it anytime soon!!!