CEIST Mobile Web App

CEIST has developed a mobile web app to cater for users who wish to access news from CEIST on their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet devices.

The mobile web app features contact details for all of the 110 CEIST schools that are dispersed nationwide and also offers location map and directions to the schools from your current location.

We also have included contact details for the CEIST Education office along with staff details and list of each co-ordinator's schools.

A checklist of reports and timelines for submissions of various documents to the Trust is included to assist schools in their planning for completing and sending to CEIST.

You can also see the latest tweets from CEIST and we of course would be greatly encouraged if you followed us @CEIST1 on Twitter.

Accessing the CEIST Mobile Web App

Apple Devices (iPhone or iPad)

  • To access the CEIST App on an iPhone just open your safari browser and type in 
  • Then on the home page (see screenshot below) just click on the arrow to add to your home screen.

  • Click on icon Add to Home Screen (see below)

  • Type in your preferred name for App and click on Add.

Android Smartphone/tablet devices

The CEIST App is available on the Google Play Store; just enter CEIST in your search. To download from the internet click here.

Adding shortcut to your android smartphone home screen

  • Navigate to in your browser
  • Click on the menu button on your device
  • Click on More
  • Click Add Shortcut to Home


Now that we have got started with a mobile web app we plan on making continuous improvements by adding useful content and funtionality for our audience. 

Thus, we would greatly appreciate your feedback and welcome any ideas or suggestions to improve the App. 

Please email your idea/suggestion to or call 086-0437146.