FRIENDSHIP Week at Christ King Girls Secondary School, Cork

As part of the holistic approach to education, Christ King Secondary School, Cork, approaches each school year with a certain theme in mind.

This year, we decided to dwell on what FRIENDSHIP means to all within the school community. In tandem with the theme we are devoting a week where there is a cross curricular approach.

Subjects like Social, Personal and Health Education (SPHE), CSPE and Health Education are used to tease out the value of friendship.

We are so aware of the power of social media and while it may be an instrument of healthy communication we are equally concerned that there are those in society who may use it to intimidate young people.

In recent times the school had Dr. Maureen Griffin, a forensic psychologist, speak to students and also to parents.

This week there are a number of events like the school group photograph with CAIRDE in the middle of the community.

Also there is a class picnic on Friday where students are invited to bring in food to share with others in groups of four.

First and Second Years are ‘dressing’ their classrooms on the theme of Friendship and it we will also have OUR GATHERING where new students to the school in all year groups will be invited to share their thoughts on what they have experienced since coming to school here.

All of these events have an underlying message that as human beings we are at our best when we relate in a healthy way with each other.

While there is much talk and debate nationally about Bullying and particularly cyber-bullying we wish to be more proactive in promoting the positive.

All in all, it means more than one weeks activities. It is an unending drive to assert the school’s ethos of respect and self respect.

Christy O’Shaughnessy
Guidance Counsellor