‘Handing on HOPE to a new generation…’

On Mercy Day the staff, students, parents and members of the school community in Mercy Mounthawk joined to celebrate Mercy Day – the foundation day of the school.

It is the annual opportunity for the school to recognise in a special way the ethos of mercy that is at the heart of education in Mounthawk and this was celebrated with a mass for the students in the school gym.

This year, the school community was joined by the newly appointed Bishop of Kerry, Ray Browne to lead the celebration.

It was the first visit of the new bishop to the school and it was timely as this is the first time since the Mercy sisters established schools in Tralee in 1858 that there is no sister on the staff of a Mercy Secondary school in the town.

The Mercy Day celebration was an opportunity to thank Sr. Dora Lynch, Sr. Joan Curtin, Sr. Maureen O’Sullivan, Sr. Jacinta Griffin, Sr. Bernadette Costello and Sr. Nora Flynn - the six sisters who served on the staff of Mercy Mounthawk - for their years of dedicated service to education in Tralee.

Their contribution has been very significant and it is with a sense of occasion that the school takes on the tradition that is handed on from the sisters.

School principal, John O’Roarke, spoke of the importance of having solid values such as care and dedication and hope at the heart of education, especially at this time of difficulty in our country.

This is the central element that we must bring from the tradition of religions education that is handed on to us. 

It is essential’, he said, ‘that through our school we give our young people a sense of hope for the future that is built on a quality education, with high standards and more importantly an education that is delivered in a community that teaches the importance of caring for one another. This was the spirit that drew Catherine McAuley, the founder to the Mercy order, to set up the order in the first place’.

Mercy Day celebration marks a new chapter in the life of the school - a chapter that is opened in HOPE…