Embracing Diversity at Ard Scoil na nDéise

Situated in the heart of Dungarvan, Ard Scoil na nDéise welcomes students from all parts of the town, its suburbs and indeed its hinterland.

This healthy mix of town and country contributes greatly to the school’s very special atmosphere, which is always remarked upon by students, parents and visitors alike.

We strive to forge a school community based on our core values of respect, care, and friendship and to embrace and understand diversity.

Here at Ard Scoil na nDéise we take the idea of embracing diversity a step further by opening our doors to visiting international students. Each year we are delighted to act as host school to a number of international students who visit us for periods of time ranging from eight weeks to a full academic year.

This year we have eighteen visiting international students from Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, and Hungary. They are dispersed throughout the school community ranging from second year to fifth year.

We are delighted to see that the girls have integrated so well into the Ard Scoil na nDéise community.

It is a very brave decision to choose to move away from their familiar environments in their home countries and already they have blended seamlessly into the class groups that they have joined.

The girls are throwing themselves into all aspects of school life and are taking part in the full range of activities on offer here in Ard Scoil na nDéise. They are keeping up with their academic work while at the same time engaging in extra-curricular activities ranging from sport, to art, to music and anything else that helps them to develop their talents!!

Not only are our international students benefitting from their time in the Ard Scoil, but the Ard Scoil community is also benefitting from their presence. Our students are becoming more aware of cultural diversity and are learning so much about the countries that our visiting students have come from.

They are developing a greater understanding of how important it is to be open to embracing differences and are broadening their horizons on a daily basis.

We hope that the girls will form lasting friendships over the course of the year and that the Ard Scoil na nDéise family will continue to broaden its horizons and create more and more diverse relationships as time goes on.

Pictured above are some of the international students with Principal, Jennifer O'Keeffe. 

UCD Recognises the Achievements of Two Former Ard Scoil na nDéise Students

Congratulations to our two former students Maebh Power and Doireann O’Brien who were recognised at the UCD Entrance Scholars Awards Ceremony at UCD on Wednesday 16th November. UCD Entrance Scholars are honoured because they have obtained more than 560 points in their Leaving Certificate Examinations.

Maebh and Doireann both sat the Leaving Certificate in Ard Scoil na nDéise in June 2016.

Both girls achieved outstanding results in the Leaving Certificate and were honoured earlier this year at the Ard Scoil Awards Night where they were part of a group of eighteen students who obtained over five hundred points in the Leaving Certificate.

We are immensely proud that so many of our students achieved such high points last year. It is always so gratifying to see such hard work rewarded in terms of Leaving Certificate results and entry to third level education.

It is even more gratifying when we see our former students being identified as high achievers and being recognised as such by their chosen universities.

The girls were a pleasure to teach throughout their time in Ard Scoil na nDéise and it was our pleasure to share in their success at the Entrance Scholars Awards Ceremony in UCD.

Doireann is currently studying Actuarial Science in UCD and Maebh is studying Quantitative Business.

We wish them both every success in their studies and in their future careers. We are sure that they will continue to strive for excellence in everything that they do.

Maebh Power and Doireann O'Brien pictured with their parents and Jennifer O'Keeffe,Principal Ard Scoil na nDeise at the UCD Entrance Scholars Awards.

Maebh and Doireann pictured above with their UCD Entrance Scholars Awards.