Presentation College Currylea News

Presentation College Currylea students are doing great work raising funds for worthwhile causes. 

Talent Competition

Presentation College Currylea students "Prez got talent" competition, which was held before Christmas raised over €1, 000 for the Pradar Willi Syndrome organisation!

On the judging panel was a local mother whose son suffers from this condition.

School Musical

School Principal Neasa Cosgrove was very grateful to the generosity of patrons who came to the school musical in November.

The school was able to give a cheque of €1, 000 to the Presentation Sisters for Sr. Nora Somer's work in Zambia from the proceeds of the shop.

All goods for sale in the shop were donated by the school caterers, local business people Kay and Adrian Martyn.

No Uniform Day

The schools "no uniform day" in October raised much needed funds for the local GSPCA.

Well done to all on such great work.