Young Social Innovators - Social Innovation Thinking Differently

On February 8th, 2017 Young Social Innovators launched their strategy Social Innovation Thinking Differently, A Plan to Develop Ireland’s Innovators and Entrepreneurs who will Build a Fairer, Inclusive and Sustainable World.

The strategy features YSI's vision, history, and impact stories from young social innovators across Ireland. It also outlines YSI goals and actions for 2017-2020, and provides commentary on Ireland's potential to be a leader in social innovation, including what steps should be taken to ensure this can happen.

Our plan to develop Ireland’s innovators and entrepreneurs to build a fairer, inclusive and sustainable world.

Young Social Innovators intends to provide the best education in social innovation for young people anywhere in the world.

By 2020, we want at least half our teenagers to be empowered to do social innovation in their local area helping Ireland stake its claim as a world leader in social innovation whilst shaping a fairer and more equal society.

Our plan to achieve this is to engage 50% of all second-level schools every year in Ireland.

Download Strategic Plan

Click here to download the new Strategy from Young Social Innovators.