College for Every Student and St. Joseph's Rush

CFES and Trinity College have chosen St Joseph’s Secondary School, Rush, Co. Dublin as their pilot school to run their programme in Ireland, this is a big opportunity for the school with the overall aim to create a college going culture in our school.

This is the first time that CFES have worked with a school outside of the USA. College for every student is an American organisation dedicated to helping students prepare for, gain access to, and succeed in college.

They work with over 200 colleges in 24 states in America.

Trinity College and Rick Dalton (College For Every Student CEO) invited St Joseph’s Secondary School to become the first school outside the USA to become a College For Every Student School.

Rick Dalton and his wife Karen visited the school in earlier this year to see a display of 1st and 2nd year entries to the Trinity Access Programmes Educational Awards and also projects from different Year groups.

The three areas CFES focus on are:


Fosters academic and personal growth among CFES Scholars by providing them a supportive relationship with a more experienced individual who can serve as a role model.

Leadership Through Service

Instils in CFES Scholars an ethic of service and the qualities and skills of leadership through activities that improve their school and wider community.

Pathways to college

Constantly exposes CFES Scholars to higher education through college visits and interactions with college students and faculty that enable them to become college literate and develop a clear understanding of steps to prepare for, gain access to, and succeed in college.

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Pictured above Rick Dalton talking to students.

Pictured above is School Principal, Patricia Hayden with Rick Dalton and his Wife and St Joseph's Rush staff, , Íde Malone, Ciaran Reade and Eimear McCarthy.