Awakening 2017

A concert took place in Breaffy Arena Castlebar on Thursday night, 4th May organised by the Tuam Youth Ministry with many CEIST schools being involved from the Tuam Archdiocese. 

The concert was called "Awakening” and began in the Archdiocese last year with over 300 teenagers coming together on stage to sing Church and contempory music together at Breaffy Arena, Castlebar.

It was such a huge success, that all involved asked for it to happen all over again this year.

This year over 400 students sang over 20 songs from 19 schools!! 

It was a wonderful night and a great example of how fantastic our young people are.

Participating Schools

(Thanks to Neasa Cosgrove, Principal, Presentation Secondary School, Currylea, Tuam for sharing above article and photos).