Presentation College, Carlow take new strides with e-Book and iPad technology

September 2013 brought a change to Presentation College, Carlow with 118 students, out of the 142 happy First Year students, walking through the doors carrying the vast majority of their school books in electronic format on their iPads.

This historic day marked the time when Presentation College took another great stride forward in the world of Information Technology, as the students walked into classes with e-books installed on their devices.

This exciting move has been praised by parents, students and teachers alike as the school has upgraded its use of technology to a whole new level.

The students are eager to use their iPad as nowadays most children and adolescents are quite familiar with the technology. Pictured on right are students David and Eoghan Sheery with their iPads.

Students read, listen and learn as they are brought through the Junior Certificate course by their teachers, learning all their subjects as all students do, but not needing to carry around the heavy books that other students must.

The Wi-Fi access in the school has been disabled on the students’ iPads and a password has been put on the wireless access so it is not accessible to students.

Students also have their own Microsoft 365 email addresses.

As a sign of maturity and an awareness of the modern world, many of the Presentation College students have signed up to the Cyber Code against online bullying on the Comhairle na nÓg, Waterford’s website.

Along with the students, the majority of teachers in the school are also using iPads this year, downloading the eBooks for their subjects and interactive apps for the students’ benefit. It doesn’t stop here either - the staff and Principal at Presentation College are hoping to upgrade and expand their I.T. services around the school to continue moving forward in the Technological Age with a cloud-based administration, assessment and attendance software package expected to be introduced very soon.

Of course, the whole project could not have been completed without tremendous support from local I.T. companies, Dynamic Business Systems and Schoolwise, who have been working with Presentation College for over twenty years in a support, advisory and planning role.

Schoolwise also installed the school’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). The school also extends its thanks
to Compu b, Apple Premium Reseller Specialists and Edco Digital for their invaluable input.

Presentation College Carlow are now at the end of the first school term, four months into the school year and students are as happy as they could be with their iPads.

With their Halloween and Christmas tests behind them, the students are continuing to study hard and are preparing for the Junior Certificate life ahead of them, but for this group of students, IT’s on a whole new level!

Pictured above are First Year students with their iPads.

First Year student Daniel Pender

I would rate the iPad at 10/10 seeing as it’s a great piece of technology and a new idea being introduced to our school.

It allows you to carry all your books around with you on one device instead of multiple books weighing down your bag.

It’s quite easy to learn from the iPad as you can highlight, make notes and underline on the iPad. It’s well worth the money as you can play games on it after school as well as study on it.

I would 100% recommend it to anyone coming to the school. 

You can also download other apps such as games or translators. It keeps you entertained as well as educated.