Presentation Secondary School SciFest

Presentation Secondary School, Waterford participated in SciFest this year and have kindly shared news and photos from the event. 

Pictured above Winners - Best Chemistry Project- Aoife Nolan and Niamh Buck “Does the structure of fats affect their solubility”

1. Olivia Kopezynska, Frances Drohan & Rebecca Cummins “How different salts crystalize”

2. Lily McGrath, Ava & Ella Murphy: “The chemistry of carbonation (fizzing)”

3. Eeman Fatima, Ana Maria Grigoras & Orla Rothwell “Milk and vinegar make plastic?”

4. Holly Meagher, Zoe Frampton & Shauna Hennessy “ Enzymes in detergents”

5. Sophie Holohan & Laura Sullivan “How temperature affects magnets”

6. Ginty Skackauskaite, Niamh Sullivan & Pippi Hennessy “ Which fruit give the best DNA

7. Almira Shabani, Sophie Griffith & Kayla Dam Walsh “ Supertasters”