Presentation College, Headford Prayer Service in Memory of Sr. Brid Brennan

A prayer service in memory of Sr. Brid Brennan was held in Presentation College Headford, Co. Galway on 15th November 2013 in the newly-refurbished school library which was so closely associated with our beloved former principal.

As former principals, colleagues, friends, Presentation Sisters and family members gathered, there was a sense of homecoming and shared memories.

The atmosphere was enhanced by music, candlelight, flowers and the respectful presence of students and the current P.C.H. community. It was an occasion that Brid herself would have whole-heartedly entered into and enjoyed.

The religion department organised a prayer service that drew on the many threads of Sr. Brid’s life. Water drawn from the various places associated with Brid’s life, work, and relaxation was used “as a symbol of all that is fresh and new and flowing – a continual element of renewal . . . .”

There was a reaching out to all in the wider school community who have been bereaved in the last year.
Brid was principal of Presentation College from 1985 to 1999, and her great friend and colleague John Boner paid tribute to her with the following words:

Good fortune smiled on all of us in Presentation College Headford when Sr. Brid was appointed Principal in 1985, inspiring us through her dedicated service and innovative leadership until her retirement in 1999.

Sr. Brid had a wonderful capacity to embrace and manage change and to enthuse her colleagues, students and parents to share her vision of a warm and inclusive environment for teaching and learning. Each day was greeted with energy and grace, laced with good humour and brightened by her infectious smile.

It was a pleasure to serve with her in her arduous role of leadership of a school community facin huge challenges for modern accommodation, curricular change and ancillary facilities.

Her interest in Presentation College Headford never waned. She was very excited about the new library and made memorable contributions at recent planning meetings, looking forward to the opening in October.

The sudden death of our dear friend has broken us, flooding us with wonderful memories of a deeply-loved and respected colleague. Our deepest sympathy to the family she loved and to the family of friends so enriched by her presence.

The library is alive again to present and future generations and is dedicated to the memory of Sr. Brid Brennan, a symbol of renewal and commitment, hallmarks of Presentation ethos which she personified.

Tá banlaoch ar lár. Seod Dé a bhí inti. Slán go fóill agus codladh sámh a chara.

The library has been dedicated to Sr. Brid and the prayer she left behind is reproduced in the students’ school journal.

Nano, Brid’s sister, expressed thanks on behalf of the Brennan family and recalled how energised Brid was by each new day in this school, Presentation College Headford.