Religious Education Resources

The following RE resources were kindly shared by Anna Maloney, Post-Primary Diocesan Adviser, Dublin.

RE Resources

Check out the following links to Igniter Media, as they may prove useful to inspire you and your students in welcoming the New Year.

It's Our Time


One Small Step

With this theme in mind, see Huffington Post's Ten Spiritual Resolutions for 2014.

Please take a look at our website's January resources for further New Year resources along with several others to guide the way through the month.

I also encourage you to take a look here: Religious Holidays in 2014 - an Interfaith Calendar as the visually stunning photographs alone make it enjoyable viewing.

At this time of year, in my experience as a teacher, I often feel it is beneficial to review, renew or begin afresh on the topic of goal-setting for students, especially with exam groups.

As a result, I was very interested to read American educator Larry Ferlazzo's thoughts about students' capacity for self-control, he links this to motivating students and helping them in setting goals.

I hope this helps should you wish to inspire your students to embrace the opportunity of renewal that comes with this time of year.

Taking a look back at 2013 I found this link useful: Best of Religion Blogs 2013, in particular Jamie Bruesehoff's article, Dear Parents with Young Children at Mass, her hope that the young children of today will still occupy the pews in ten years really struck a chord.

Other Links

Follow this link to Brendan O'Regan's Faitharts Website - The Wise Men Page!

Finally, this YouTube clip Mary Did You Know? - With Lyrics may also come in handy.