Nothing Wasted at Árdscoil na Tríonóide!

The following is an article compiled by Transition Year students at Árdscoil na Tríonóide, Athy, Co. Kildare.

Six teams of Transition Year students from Árdscoil na Trionoide, Athy have been working on creating high-end wearable fashion from everyday junk that would normally find its way to the bin.

A number of creations have now been submitted to the national “Junk Kouture” competition which has established itself as the premier fashion competition for teenagers throughout all of Ireland.

The competition aims to inspire and ignite passion in these teenagers while subtly educating them about the importance of recycling and reusing waste for the good of the planet.

All kinds of waste was used to create the very inventive designs submitted for this year’s competition - bottle caps, electrical wire, old plastic barrels, drinking straws, till receipts, can tabs, bottles, egg cartons, newspaper, discarded tin foil wrap and old Christmas decorations

Eaodain Burgess, Eve Murphy and Ellen Purcell produced an evening dress entitled “Victoria Circuit” drawing on the fusion of electricity, water and copper wires (shocking)!

The elegant “Glitz and Glam” party dress with its bodice made of drinking straws is the work of Kayleigh Murphy, Gráinne Hughes and Sophie Oliver.

“Cap-tricity”, a dress prompted by bottle caps and electrical wires was created by Anna Hickey, Niamh Walshe and Rachel Fleming.

Till receipts inspired the party dress made by Railtin Minahan, Carrie Bell and Róisín Condron aptly titled “The Cost of Fashion”

“The Godess of the Sea” makes the link between the motion of the waves and energy generation. It was created by Jodi Black, Eimer Fennessy and Grace Considine.

Ruth Kehoe, Megan Nolan and Michaela Finn decided to give their outfit, “Bubble Pop”, a slightly Victorian feel with a bubble wrap bustle and brought the outfit into the 21st century by using electrical wire to add texture to the bodice.