Sr Antonio Mahoney Celebrates Her Diamond Jubilee

This year the School Librarian from Our Lady of Mercy College, Beaumont, Sr Antonio Mahoney celebrates her Diamond Jubilee.

The Student Council presented Sr Antonio with a commemorative bookmark to mark the ocassion.

Karina Acedera from 2nd year read a poem (see below) she wrote about Sr Antonio.

This was selected to be printed on the back of the bookmark. 

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A Special Task

I walk through the door of the library
Back to a peaceful sanctuary
You greet me with a kind smile
And wait as I look around a while.

Although I take a long time to choose
You patiently wait, looking amused.
I hand you the book, not a word is said.
As I wonder if it’s a book you have read.

You write down my name, the author, the book.
And check the pages of the book that I took.
When you are done, you look up and ask
If I can do a special task.

I nod my head, I don’t hesitate
I hold my breath as I stand and wait.
Then, you tell me to spread my faith
To those who are alone and afraid,
To believe in God and to walk in the light
Of Our Father whose love burns bright through the night.

By Karina Acedera, 2nd year.

 Thanks to Sr. Antonio
and all the Sisters of Mercy
who have worked in
our school since it was set up in 1957.


Pictured above Sr Antonio with students from Our Lady of Mercy College, Beaumont.