New Prayer Room for St Mary’s Secondary School, Macroom

St Mary’s Secondary School, Macroom recognises the need for students to have a place of refuge in this modern world which can be full of noise, stressors and anxieties. With this in mind, we chose to extend our Prayer Room.

Our identity as a Catholic school is an important one, so we turned our Prayer Room entrance out into reception, where parents and guardians can observe at first hand, our ethos. An open invitation has been issued to all, to visit our prayer room, where a spiritual atmosphere has been created with background music.

As a Catholic school, we believe it is important to provide a spiritual place, where students can experience God in a personal way. Students and staff have been attending Morning Prayer on Tuesdays mornings before school this year in the Prayer Room. Our new chaplain, Fr John leads us in prayer and to a personal relationship with God, who is all loving and ever ready to help us with the challenges of the day.

In addition, we wanted to anchor our Wellbeing programme with a coping skill that would enhance students’ mental health this year. Arising from feedback we received, we chose Mindfulness, and are in the process of training the whole student body in this coping strategy. We are fortunate to have a mindfulness practitioner, Ms Aedamur Kelly on staff to give training to each of the year groups on the “dot b” programme. Teachers and Parents have also been offered the programme. The BOM has sanctioned the use of the prayer room for this purpose also.

Providing a space in a prominent location for reflection, meditation, prayer and/or mindfulness techniques in our school is our contribution to addressing the needs of students and staff in a very busy modern world.

Tim Coleman and Ciaran Cooke principal unveil the new cross for St. Mary's Secondary School, Macroom prayer room.