CSP Launch Paper on the Future of Catholic Education

Catholic Schools Partnership recently launched a paper on the future of Catholic Education in Presentation Secondary School, Warrenmount, Dublin. 

Presentation Warrenmount was a hive of activity on Monday 13th October with the media launch of an important document on the future of Catholic Education. Emma O’Kelly of RTE and Katherine Donnelly of the Irish Independent – both Education correspondents were in the school to speak to Fr. Michael Drumm, Chairman of the Catholic Schools Partnership (CSP) who authored the publication.

Fr. Michael Drumm pictured above talking to Emma O’Kelly of RTE at the Catholic Schools Partnership Paper launch.

According to Fr. Drumm the aim of the paper is to demonstrate that voluntary schools are a key part of the whole educational enterprise and that they make a distinct contribution to the development of Irish society. He also noted that a key component of every voluntary body is its founding intention. This is the source of its identity and energy. As a voluntary body each Catholic school has its own ethos or characteristic spirit which is linked to that schools founding intention. Fr. Drumm encourages all schools to reflect on its own ethos and founding intention and articulate it anew for our times.

Pictured above Principal Gwen Brennan with sixth year students: Lauren Gray, Nicole McKenna and Jodie McGuinness. 

Principal of Warrenmount Gwen Brennan also spoke at the media launch. She said Warrenmount were delighted and honoured to host the launch. As a CEIST school in the Presentation tradition Ms. Brennan noted that the school was committed to the Charter values of inclusion, compassion and care for all students. She said that school was founded by the Presentation Sisters in 1892 and their charism permeated the school to the present day. She said the school continues to endeavour to ‘reimagine’ its founding intention.

She also spoke of how they co-operated with their sister school, Colaiste Bride, Clondalkin in introducing Higher Level Maths which was taught to the students via video link. Fr. Drumm cited this as a perfect example of how Catholic schools can co-operate and work together for their mutual benefit. As voluntary schools face increasing financial pressure he said more of this co-operation will have to take place to ensure they can survive and fulfil their potential.



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