World Meeting of Families - Cluster Meeting

We have now organised a number of meetings around the country to discuss in detail the logistics of CEIST Students volunteering on Saturday and Sunday the 25th & 26th August for the World Meeting of Families. We are especially delighted that Pope Francis has confirmed his attendance for the Saturday and Sunday events. 

We would ask that you send a staff member from your school to the meeting who would be involved in supporting this event. Meetings to be held between the 10th April and 13th April. 

The Agenda for the meeting is as follows:

  • Opening Prayer
  • Background and Context
  • Stages
  • CEIST Initiative:
    - Volunteer Groups – school or cluster?
    - Groups – composition & leaders.
    - Transport to and from host school.
    - Transport to and from venues.
    - Refreshments.
    - Proposed Schedule.
    - Garda Vetting.
    - Training
    - T-Shirts.
    - Role of Group Leaders – contact details.
    - Insurance.
  • Host Schools.

If you plan to attend please complete form below.