ACE Lenten Reflections: Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion

Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion

Written by Katie Moran
Associate Program Director, Notre Dame ACE Academies

Before Jesus enters into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, He asks His disciples to retrieve a colt tethered at the edge of town, stating only that “the master has need of it.” He offers no explanation for why the colt is needed, how it will be used, or when it will be back—simply, “the master has need of it.”

Now I might argue that Jesus doesn’t actually NEED the colt; He could continue on foot, or, as the Son of God, make a more majestic entrance.

But no, Jesus chooses this small colt—one that has never been ridden before–to go down in the history of the salvation of the world! Though Jesus does not need the colt to carry out His passion, death, and resurrection, Jesus invites it to play an integral part in the story of salvation.

So it is with us. Jesus in His power can work without us, even at times in spite of us. But in His love for us, He wants to work in us and through us. He invites us to play a role in our salvation and in the salvation of our brothers and sisters.

As we enter into Holy Week, let us reflect on how Christ invites us to be more than spectators by taking active roles in the Lenten story. Like this simple colt, how can we carry Christ to others and make Him more visible? What parts of our lives is Christ calling us to bring to him? Which pieces does “the Lord have need of?” A relationship? A skill we have? An opportunity to reach out to someone in need?

From what do we need to be untied in order for Christ to use us? Or what excuses might be preventing us from hearing or accepting Christ’s invitation?

The owner could have asked why, or requested some assurance they would bring the colt back; he could have said that there are other animals that would be better suited for the journey. We read none of this, just the owner’s simple trust in the words “the master has need of it.”

When we feel inadequate, let us remember that Christ does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called. And He calls each of us, without exception.

This week and always, may God grant us the courage to enter into the story, to hear and respond to His invitation to play a role in our own salvation and the salvation of the world.


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