Easter Resources

below are some links to Easter Resources gathered by CEIST.


Lent and Easter Reflection

A lovely Easter Reflection from CEIST specifically aimed at Principals and Deputy Principals.

Easter Reflection for Principals and Deputy Principals


Guided Meditation

Below is a link to guided meditation session based on the Pentecost (Acts 2:1-9) where the holy spirit appeared to the disciples giving them the power to speak in tongues and instructed them to spread the word of the Lord throughout the land. 

Guided Meditation on Pentecost


Lent and Easter Reflection

A lovely Easter Reflection from former CEIST Coordinator Amalee Meehan. Amalee is now Assistant Professor of Religious Education at Dublin City University.

Lent and Easter Reflection


Celebrating EasterTide in Schools

Guide showing all readings and Gospels for the seven Sundays of EasterTide with suggestions of how to celebrate in school or religion class.

Celebrating EasterTide



A powerpoint presentation of the Stations of the Cross.

Way to the Cross – PowerPoint Presentation for Good Friday



Encyclopaedia Britannica video which documents the days of Easter

Encyclopaedia Britannica Video


Concordia Publishing House video which tells the Easter Story

What is Easter?


Saddleback Kids – children’s animated cartoon which tells the Easter story

The Story of Easter (Jesus’ Sacrifice)