First Day of the New School Year

First Day of the New School Year

As we look around us we greet our old friends, and meet some new ones.  It is hard to come back to school after our summer holidays, but in many ways it is good too to return to routine and to settle down into a new school year.


Today we pray:

Lord Jesus, we offer you this day, and all it will bring. We  thank you for the summer break that we have enjoyed. We pray that this will be a good year;  that we may study well; that we will be kind to each other; and that we may all work together to make our school community one to which we are proud to belong and in which each person feels welcome.

We ask you to keep us all in the palm of your hand during this school year.  Be with us Lord protecting us and guiding us to use the gifts you have given us so that we will always remember our time in school as one during which we grew into the people you made us to be.

We make our prayer through Christ Our Lord. Amen.