Lent 2021

Lent 2021

This Lent we invite you to L.E.N.T.! Let’s Everyone eNdure Together!

There is no doubt that COVID-19 continues to have a huge impact on us all as we battle to keep the virus at bay. Right now, we are all experiencing unprecedented demands on our lifestyle choices as we live within the Level 5 restrictions and in accordance with current government guidelines.

While remote teaching and learning have become the new normal, at the heart of each and every school the focus continues to be on the health and wellbeing of our staff and students.  Never has it been more important to work together and to support each other through this difficult time.

In the past few months CEIST have endeavoured to support our school communities through various initiatives.   Together, we know we will all get through this but we must stay the course and keep battling away in unison.  Faith and resilience are key qualities that can help us in difficult times and the season of LENT brings us a further opportunity to undertake a collective initiative and so we are happy to launch our Let’s Everyone Endure Together project.  While LENT is traditionally seen as a time of sacrifice, i.e. giving up sweets, sugar, T.V. etc. this year we are advocating taking up something or placing the emphasis on positivity until the Easter season when hopefully the landscape will have changed for the better for us all.

Lent Reflections

Our Lent reflections will begin this year on Shrove Tuesday.  Reflections for Ash Wednesday until Easter Sunday will form the remainder of the reflections.  Also available is a Reconciliation Service that can be held online.  All of the reflections are tied to our CEIST Lenten Theme, ‘Let’s everyone endure together’.

The reflections are written to be led by Principals, Deputy Principals, Year Heads, Class Tutors or RE teachers.  Their main use is for weekly online gatherings with individual year/class groups.  We have provided a Junior Cycle and Senior Cycle option for each of the reflections but you can also tailor the material to students as you see fit.  They can also be connected to your school’s Wellbeing provision.  (See Note below on Wellbeing Guidelines and ‘Being Spiritual’ for further information on how this might be done).

Each of the 6 weeks of Lent are outlined on the attached with suggested themes for each week connected to ‘Let’s all eNdure Together’.  (One of the Weeks reflections fall during mid-term so there is a ‘family’ element to do for students to do at home, if they wish).  There is also a suggested activity for each week that you can propose to your students.  The pack contains information on how these activities might be managed in your school.  The column  ‘Underpinning Concepts’ is provided to give an insight into some of the theology underpinning both the reflections and the activities.

You will note that the first three weeks of our Lenten Reflections very much focus on the word, ‘Let’s’ of our theme, “Let’s all eNdure Together’.  The focus here is obviously on a our getting ready spiritually for Easter.  But it’s also a recognition that the our struggles through this Covid Pandemic have also been about decision making.   Some of those decisions have been taken out of our hands but the key decision – how we react to the restrictions and the changes – are something we can control and should control.

Download Week One Lenten Resources here.

Stay Safe!