Mary Immaculate College Limerick – Graduate Certificate in Christian Leadership in Education.

Mary Immaculate College Limerick are running Graduate Certificate in Christian Leadership in Education.

The programme will introduce students to key ideas, concepts and principles that underpin the characteristic spirit or ethos of faith-based education. Among the topics to be included are the following: Jesus the Teacher; Nurturing Personal Faith and Spirituality; The Catholic School and Contemporary Culture; Leading and Managing a Catholic School in Ireland Today; an Integrating Seminar will provide practitioner-based sessions that require students to integrate and explore the cross-disciplinary elements of the programme, the students’ own experience in the school environment, and the application of ethical leadership in a variety of complex scenarios that reflect contemporary issues facing school leaders in faith-based schools.

The programme is designed to augment other qualifications participants may have achieved in areas of leadership and management so that they have the knowledge, competence and skills needed to lead a faith-based school. It will be taught in part-time mode, normally on Saturdays at various venues around the country.

It is open to all involved in primary and second level education, especially teachers and others aspiring to
roles of leadership or management in education.

Full details can be found here:

MIC Graduate Certificate in CLE Brochure