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School Groups

We are delighted to welcome groups of younger visitors to Nano Nagle Place!

Whether you are a school group, or a youth organisation, or home school groups you are VIPs at Nano Nagle Place. We offer a group rate for groups of 8 or over with special rates for CEIST schools.

Our museum is designed for discovery and really appeals to younger visitors. We can facilitate a visit where the group are allowed to just ‘explore’, or more structured visits, listed below.


For learners aged 3-7 –  ‘Hop into History!’

Hop into History is an interactive hop into Nano’s Cork for children aged 3-7 years. We hop back in time and use objects from 18th century Cork to imagine Nano’s City.  We use physical activity and imagery to convey ideas of the passage of time and continuity and change in the city. We then tour the museum and use objects to help us discover what living in 18th-century Cork city was really like (maximum 12 students per session – for schools we can divide classes into two groups and do other activities with the other half of the class). Perfect for home school groups.


For learners aged 8 and upward –  ‘The Museum in a Box’ 

Designed by some brilliant masters students from Cork Institute of Technology, the Museum in a Box is an interactive cabinet of curiosities that allows students to playfully discover the lives of women in 18th-century Cork via some strange and gruesome objects and stories. Students work in teams to figure out what their objects were for, and what story their objects are telling. Thanks to some very smart technology the Museum in a Box can give them some hints along the way! (Maximum 25 students). Perfect for home school groups.


For learners aged 14 upward  – ‘Lives at South Pres School’

Students develop their information literacy skills by using our old school registers, coupled with the 1901 and 1911 census online and other websites and databases to discover the homes and lives of children at South Pres school over 100 years ago. Students find the homes were children lived via digital maps and the activity culminates in a walk around the area to find these houses in South Parish. (Maximum 24 students).


Discovering Nano Nagle

For many Presentation schools the focus of visits is on bringing the story of Nano Nagle alive for their students. We can accommodate groups of up to 80 students for these Nano focussed visits. The larger group is divided into groups of c.20 for guided tours of the museum, the artefact room, Miss Nagle’s Parlor, along with the graveyard and tomb. Each session lasts between 20 and 30 minutes. Students get a chance to see all the site has to offer. Smaller groups can engage in more creative activities using digital technology, these can be focussed on Nano and her work and legacy, they can be reflections, or can document the student visits to Nano Nagle Place.



For full details please click here to visit the Nano Nagle Place website.

School Groups