Authors: Kathleen Glennon RSM and Mary Kate Hagan RSM
Edited by Lloyd Bracken CEIST


This is a crucial time on our planet with the present worldwide economic crisis, global warming, the approaching end of cheap oil and the massive planetary loss of biodiversity (ie massive loss of species and habitats). Biodiversity underpins the life support systems on which we depend. The global economic system has failed us; economic growth and development does not work. We need an alternative local economic system. These are the signs of the times and we need to act on them in order to be relevant and to find a viable and sustainable way forward. Jesus challenges us to read the signs of the times – he upbraided the scribes and Pharisees for not being able to do so in Mt 16:3.

The planet is in crisis and we, the human species are in big trouble – the signs are all around us. We have seriously lost our way and have great difficulty finding our place in the family of things. Facing an uncertain future will especially impact on our young people. Experts are predicting a very difficult time ahead; young people of today will be the adults of tomorrow and will have to find creative and sustainable solutions to
our environmental and economic problems. Einstein says the consciousness that resolves the problem must be different to the consciousness that has caused the problem in the first place. Education in a new consciousness is of paramount importance for young people now at this crucial time.

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