Resources for Calendar Month – February

We plan to use this page to share resources relevant to the time of year.



Celebrating the Feast of St Brigid (1st Feb)

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St. Valentine’s Day – February 14

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Dublin Archdiocese

The following resources were very kindly shared by Anna Maloney, Post Primary Diocesan Advisor, Dublin Archdiocese.

Click the following link to view the updated February Resources with a variety of links to support you in the weeks ahead.

Safer Internet Day – February 7

As we mark Safer Internet Day 2017, Like Me (created by TrueTube) could serve as a helpful means to stimulate conversation with your students on internet safety, risks involved with social media etc.

The video also offers an opportunity for a deeper reflection on one’s online/offline or public/private self, integrity, relationships etc: Like Me (TrueTube Video)