Resources for Calendar Month – March

We plan to use this page to share resources relevant to the time of year.



Celebrating St Patrick’s Day (17th March)

Celebrating Easter

March Calendar Resources


Dublin Archdiocese

The following resources were very kindly shared by Anna Maloney, Post Primary Diocesan Advisor, Dublin Archdiocese.

Lent Resources

As Lent begins (with Ash Wednesday on March 1), see our updated Lent Resources, which include the Hearing, Happening, Hoping Series for Lent 2017.

Busted Halo

This reflection – written in anticipation of the Lenten season – may serve as a source of nourishment for us all as Religious Educators: Pruning for Lent. Also on Busted Halo, you’ll see some other interesting links: Did Jesus Ever Fight With His Disciples? & Why is Lent 40 Days Long?

Promoting Tolerance & Love of Neighbour – March 21

As March 21 marks the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, take a look at this article first published in The Hoya – Viewpoint: Towards Racial Reconciliation.

A new Religion for Living Resource for Section D

Section D – The Question of Faith is always a powerful aspect of the Junior Cycle Syllabus to engage students in conversations about their values and opinions. This new and comprehensive resource from Religion for Living: Questions about Life will serve as a great support.

Huffington Post – Who Would Jesus Deport?

In light of recent reports from the US, this article might serve as a means to guide students in a conversation around the challenge to live by Gospel values, true discipleship, etc: Who Would Jesus Deport?