Retreats for Students Booklet

Many schools have requested information on school retreats and retreat teams.

Student retreats provide ‘time out’ from the hectic schedule of the school term and from the pressures of exam preparation.

During retreats students are challenged to examine their faith in the context of their everyday lives. They have space for reflection and prayer, the opportunity to explore their relationship with God and with others and the time to become aware of, and to begin to appreciate, their own individual gifts and talents.

If the Catholic school is to truly communicate the experience of belonging to a faith community then retreats for students are an essential element in supporting their spiritual growth and faith development.

While CEIST cannot recommend any particular retreats for students we have compiled information on retreat centres used by many CEIST schools. Those included in our booklet have been recommended by schools which have used them.

However, as each retreat experience is different we would suggest that teachers research the centres and programmes more fully themselves, before booking, in order to ascertain whether or not the particular retreat given in any one centre is suitable for the needs of their students.

Click the link below to download a copy of the Retreats for Students Booklet.

Retreat Booklet

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