Missionaries of the Sacred Heart

Missionaries of the Secred HeartHistory of Missionaries of the Sacred Heart

The Missionaries of the Sacred Heart (MSC) are an international community of priests and brothers within the Roman Catholic Church who witness in the world the compassion and generosity of God. The congregation was founded in France in 1854 by Jules Chevalier who gathered together a small group of like-minded men to form the first MSC community at Issoudun. The congregation draw their inspiration from a vision of the world whereby the Love and Compassion of Christ liberates and unites all people.

Theirs is a spirit of family and brotherhood. They strive to create communities built on compassion, empathy, hospitality, humour and mutual respect. Their way of life is reflected in our commitment to the developing and deepening of our spiritual life, the Eucharist and as a human community to a recognition of the talents and giftedness of each member. These are encouraged, respected, celebrated and placed at the service of the community and the wider world to which we minister.

At present the congregation numbers around 3,000 members (divided into administrative areas called Provinces) working in over thirty countries, including many in the Third World. The Irish Province has around 240 members working in Ireland, Papua New Guinea, South Africa, Texas, Venezuela, England and Russia performing a wide variety of ministries. Members are involved in Parishes, Retreat Work, Chaplaincies, Schools, Universities and Counselling.

MSC is an acronym from Missionarii Sacratissimi Cordis – the Latin title of the congregation. They have just one Irish School, in Carraig na bhFear in Cork. It was initially founded as a boys’ boarding school. It became co-educational in 1987 and boarding as an option was phased out. There are currently over five hundred pupils on roll.


Religious and Educational Philosophy

Inspired by the charism of “bringing God’s love to all people” the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart are dedicated to providing Christian Education and aspire to the nurturing and growth of the individual in a pleasant working environment where

  • Each student and staff member is involved and individual talents are developed and enhanced
  • Parental and local community involvement is encouraged
  • True community is fostered through open communication and respect for each person
  • Social awareness is promoted
  • The strong Gaelic tradition (Irish language, culture and games) is recognised and encouraged and
  • An atmosphere of spirituality prevails


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