Capital Expenditure

Capital Expenditure


All buildings will at one time or another will require redecoration, renovation, extension or indeed replacement. With this in mind the following points should be noted:

  • Where planned, Capital Expenditure should be included in the annual budget.
  • Please contact the CEIST Office in relation to queries on Capital Expenditure.

All requests for capital expenditure are presented to the Trustee Board of Directors at their monthly meetings and the Board decisions will be relayed in writing to the School Board of Management following the monthly meeting.

Remember grant money that is received for a particular purpose can only be spent for that purpose. The guidelines from the F.S.S.U. indicate that “The annual accounts should include a schedule of capital grants unspent at the end of the school year. Any grant which is ring-fenced for a specific purpose and unspent on August 31 should be included in this schedule”.


We have made available for download below the relevant form in relation to Capital Expenditure.

Capital Expenditure Forms