22 Jan
Lenten Resource

Lent is an import event in our calendar as we prepare for the Easter season. We hope that…

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08 Jan
CEIST Prayer

The  CEIST Prayer, The Calling, is our prayer  which can be used for any occasion throughout the year.

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13 Nov
Prayers for Presentation Day

Presentation Day   The Twenty First of November is a very important day in the CEIST Calendar when…

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20 Oct
In November we Remember

November is a time when we remember those we have lost and it is with this in mind…

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03 Oct
Board of Management Handbook

Board of Management Handbook To aid our schools a Handbook has been created to offer guidance for newly…

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19 Sep
Mercy Day Prayer Service

Mercy Day Twenty Forth of September is a very important day in the CEIST Calendar when we mark…

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14 Sep
RE Teachers Information on CEIST Religious education Certification Programme

After our very successful Zoom meeting with Kate Liffey who is well known to all our RE teachers…

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31 Aug
Back to School Resources

As we begin the new school year the following prayer resources can be used with individual groups. Prayer…

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06 Mar
Prayers for all Occasions

CEIST School Prayers for all occasions is a booklet compiled for use every day in school. Download copy…

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