The EDUCENA Foundation

In 2007, five religious congregations; the Daughters of Charity; the Presentation Sisters; the Mercy Sisters; the Sisters of the Christian Retreat and the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart entered into a new joint trusteeship entitled CEIST CLG, whose aims and purposes are set out in the CEIST Charter.

At the same time, the congregations entered into a collaborative arrangement, to be known as The EDUCENA Foundation, for (a) the purpose of preserving the Catholic ethos of their schools and (b) ensuring that the properties, held in trust for the purpose of providing Catholic education, would be secured and efficiently managed for this purpose.

The main object of The EDUCENA Foundation is:

“To foster and support the religious, missionary and charitable purposes of the Congregations in Ireland and in other countries and to further the aims and purposes of Roman Catholic education in the tradition of the combined ethos and education philosophies as the Congregations in colleges and schools and other projects”. (Memorandum of Association for The EDUCENA Foundation).

The EDUCENA Foundation will “foster and support the religious, missionary and charitable purposes of the Congregation” by holding and efficiently managing the properties transferred to it by the Congregations. Thus, all matters relating to building works, capital expenditure, etc. on school properties and site, while initially communicated to CEIST CLG must ultimately be sanctioned by The EDUCENA Foundation. This may lead to some delay in granting final approval, primarily due to the foundation fulfilling its obligations under the Memorandum of Understanding.


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