School Governance

It is said that all schools paint a picture of the world. The distinctive picture a Catholic school paints is one that is infused ‘by faith in the transcendent mystery of God as the source of all that exists and as the meaning of human existence.’[Vision 08]

There is a light shining in the darkness that the darkness will not overcome (John 1:5)

CEIST schools seek to reflect a distinctive vision of life and a corresponding philosophy of education based on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is a vision of God as love and of Jesus as the Way, the Truth and the Life.

The CEIST Charter envisages each school as a faith sharing community rooted in the mission of the Church, proclaiming and living the Gospel, fostering a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. The rich diversity of the school community and the spiritual life of each person are celebrated and enhanced through reflection, prayer, the Eucharist and other Sacrament, liturgy, symbols and rituals. [Charter p. 13]

The Faith Leadership and Governance Team has been placed at the heart of the Trust to support these ideals. It acts as a ministry of awareness, influence and service fostering a Catholic imagination and calling schools towards what is most important in a project offering to modern Ireland the option of ongoing Christian education in the Catholic tradition and in the spirit of the founding Congregations.

We welcome everyone who visits this section of the website, teachers, students, parents, board-members, curious searchers and anyone looking for sustenance and nourishment for the journey. You will find here a growing list of educational resources, liturgies, prayers, articles, book reviews, music recommendations, all accessible at the click of a mouse. We hope that our interactive prayer book will be among the best things you will find here.