St. Joseph’s Secondary School, Ballybunion

Mission Statement

St. Joseph’s is a secondary school, under the trusteeship of CEIST, that welcomes all students.

Catholic Christian principles underline the philosophy of education in the school.

Our school is a community seeking to develop the full potential of each student – intellectual, spiritual, emotional, social, cultural & religious.

To achieve this the school seeks:

  • To recognise and affirm individual skills and abilities through curricular and extra curricular activities.
  • To encourage positive interaction and good communication among students, staff, parents and the wider community.
  • To provide a framework of support and care which meets the needs of individual students and staff

We dedicate ourselves to the on-going development of the school.

Aims of the School

  • To share and nurture religious belief, Gospel values and practices.
  • To foster an awareness of the unique dignity of each person and of the importance of the environment.
  • To develop the intellect and the student’s varied talents and abilities.
  • To prepare each student for further education and the world of work.
  • To facilitate each student’s effort to reach her full potential.

School History

St. Joseph’s Secondary School is situated by the sea in Ballybunion, Co. Kerry, 10 miles from Listowel and 14 miles from Tarbert.

It first opened its doors in September, 1952 offering second level education to girls from Balllybunion and its surrouding area.

In 1966 it became a co-educational secondary school. St. Joseph’s Secondary School was attached to the neighbouring convent.

The management of the school was the sole responsibility of the Mercy Sisters until the late 1980’s when Boards of Management were introduces nationally.

The sisters have been members of staff since the founding of the convent over one hundred years ago until the last one finished in 1998.

Added to the withdrawal of the sisters from the school staff, was the more final step of the closure of the convent and the moving of the remaining sisters to another house.


News from St. Joseph’s Secondary School, Ballybunion

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