Eureka Secondary School, Kells

Mission Statement

Eureka Secondary School aims to provide the highest quality education possible to meet the needs of all students, within the limits of available resources, and within an environment and ethos that promotes Christian values, mutual respect and responsible citizenship.

The school aims to offer opportunities equally to all its students, whatever their ability, circumstances or religious experiences, in order to develop each person’s potential to the full. Programmes are provided to facilitate students whose goal is further education; those who wish to enter the world of work; and those who wish to return to full-time study in the school.

The school is committed to maintaining a supportive partnership with parents who are the primary educators of their children; with employers, schools, the local community, and the parishes from which the pupils come.

The staff, the school’s most valued resource, are supported and encouraged in their work and we aim to promote their individual and corporate development through supportive structures and in-service training, both internal and external.

The school is committed to developing a community where mutual respect reigns, where personal standards of work and behaviour are high, and where students’ grow to recognise fully their responsibilities both to themselves and to others. Our hope is that when they leave school they may be better able to take their place in society as mature and responsible citizens imbued with the Christian values, which are the inspirations of this school. The school fosters an environment where bullying behaviour is not tolerated and all breaches are treated seriously.

Aim of the School

  1. To provide an environment that will enable us to recognise the individuality and uniqueness of each student and to cater for her specific needs.
  2. To promote and support the Catholic ethos of the school, while facilitating the spiritual and personal development of all students, whatever their religious experience.
  3. To provide a comprehensive social, personal and health education programme that will enable students to be, well-informed, responsible, healthy and well-adjusted adults.
  4. To provide a variety of programmes in order to cater for the different needs of students.
  5. To provide the best possible facilities for Physical Education so as to enable students to pursue a healthy life-style, encourage teamwork, learn social skills, be aware of the importance of work and recreation, and be able to cope with competition.
  6. To provide as wide a range as possible of extra-curricular activities.
  7. To provide opportunities for staff to enhance their professional and personal development so as to achieve the above aims.
  8. To provide channels of communication to parents so as to keep them informed, to invite feedback, and to foster mutual support and partnership in achieving our aims.

School History

Eureka Secondary SchoolEureka Secondary School belongs to a worldwide community of educational service, reaching back to the founding of the Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy in 1827, now under the trusteeship of CEIST. The Sisters of Mercy first provided secondary education for girls in Kells in classrooms attached to the Convent in 1924. The school moved to the existing site at Eureka House in 1956. The school kept the name Eureka. It is assumed that the landlord who owned Eureka House, had a classical education and would have learned about Archimedes. From the beginning, the school provided a comprehensive and imaginative curriculum, and from an early stage taught Honours Mathematics, Physics, German, Art and Music at a time when these subjects were not commonly available in secondary schools. The school continues to provide a wide range of subjects, and has successfully introduced additional programmes such as the Transition Year Programme, the Leaving Certificate Applied Programme, and the Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme.

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