Awards 2017


In 2015 we introduced a new award from our schools Trustees CEIST. This award goes to a student who reflects the spirit and values of CEIST. This student is good at creating community, she shows respect for everyone, strives for justice and takes responsibility and finally seeks a meaning and purpose to her life through developing her spirituality and human relationships.

  • 2015: Chloe Murphy
  • 2016: Kayleigh Heneghan
  • 2017: Aoife O’Reilly

Sr. Mary Connaughton Award

2014 saw the introduction of a new award for outgoing sixth years entitled the Sr. Mary Connaighton Award. The Sr. Mary Connaughton award goes to a student who reflects many of the wonderful attributes, values and spirit that Sr. Mary brought to this school for years. This student is a girl who is sensitive to other students needs and feelings, helps others to belong and integrate into the life of the school, shows initiative in seeking help for others in need, willing to listen and be a friend to those in need and whose kindness and compassion for others enriches the life of our school.

  • 2014: Mariana Gabor
  • 2015: Courtney Carrig
  • 2016: Shannon Devlin
  • 2017: Caoimhe Bolton

Student of the Year

The Student of the Year is a student who embodies the ethos and philosophy of the school. The student of the year should display the following qualities – commitment, empathy, honesty, motivation, co-operation, and ambition. The student should have good attendance, respect and be trustworthy.

  • 2014: Leah Kenny
  • 2015: Megan Atkinson
  • 2016: Chloe Murphy
  • 2017: Shauna Finnegan

Community Person of the Year

The community person of the year should possess the following qualities – effective communication skills, good listener and empathy, caring, reliable, trustworthy and generous with their time in school and provide a good role model for junior students.

  • 2014: Zoe Fallon
  • 2015: Kendra Cardiff
  • 2016: Georgia Leavy
  • 2017: Oliwia Bablo

Academic Student of the Year

  • 2014:Tanya Dooley
  • 2015:Emily Walker
  • 2016: Ailise Dowling
  • 2017: Raluca Magadan

Sports Person of the Year

  • 2017: Rebecca Fahy
  • 2016: Ailise Dowling
  • 2015: Rebecca Fahy

GAISCE Award Winner

  • 2017:Abigail Adrian-Sisson