Coláiste Nano Nagle Sexton Street News – December 2018

Below are some pictures of events which took place in our school this semester.

Bake Sales

We had a bake sale to raise money to fund a student trip to Lourdes


Presentation Day

Bishop Brendan Leahy said Mass for us on Presentation Day.


TY’s Raise Money for Limericks Neonatal unit

This is the TYs with their Christmas decorations for each baby in Limericks Neonatal unit. Each year our TY group fundraise money for the babies that will be spending Christmas in the Neonatal unit.



Our student are committed to being kind to the environment and work to ensure our gardens are always well kept.


Pope visit to Knock

We had a number of students meet the pope in Knock.


Remembrance Tree

We just lit our remembrance tree.


Shoe Box Appeal

Our LCA students put 84 shoes boxes together for the school.


SVP Youth Group

Here are two pictures of our SVP Youth group who are engaging in a number of fundraising activities for SVP.