Educena School Fire Safety Review Questionnaire

Please complete & return all sections by 21st December 2018



The purpose of this desktop Fire Safety Review is to evaluate the current level of compliance with the
relevant Fire Safety and Health Legislation in relation to fire safety in CEIST schools.
Section 1 – School Details.
Section 2 – Management Systems – Fire Safety Protection & Escape.
Section 3 – Building / Premises details.



  • Please answer all questions in an open and factual manner.
  • Please think carefully before deciding that the answer to a question is not applicable (N/A).
  • If you are unsure of any question, then please forward your query including item number, name, by e-mail marked “Fire Safety Review Questionnaire – Query” in the subject line to Please also be sure to supply your School Roll number with all queries sent.
  • Please complete each section in its entirety and then press Submit at bottom of the section. Incomplete sections cannot be saved as “work in progress”.
  • Please complete a separate Section 3 for each building/block used by the school.


Fire Safety Questionnaire

Please complete all sections:

Section Details Form Link
1 School Details Link
2 Management Systems – Fire Safety Protection & Escape Link
3A Building/Premises Details Link
3B Means of Escape / Escape Routes Link
3C Fire Detection and Warning Systems Link
3D Emergency Lighting Link
3E Fire Fighting Systems / Equipment Link
3F General Items Link
4 Site Plan Submission:
Please attach a copy of the site plan in PDF format indicating the boundaries of the school and also referencing the individual buildings/blocks. Please send this email to including School Name and School Roll Number and set the email subject to “Educena Fire Safety Review Questionnaire – School Site Plan submission”.