Our Ladys Secondary School Castleblayney Crisp Appeal

OLSS Crisp Appeal

TY students in Our Lady’s Secondary School Castleblayney are looking for your empty crisp packets! TY students are collecting, cutting, washing and ironing crisp packets together to make bivvy bags for the homeless. These bags will protect sleeping bags and keep them protected from the harsh winter weather. 150 crisp packets are needed for one bivvy bag so they need a lot of crisp packets, the packets must have the foil insides. You can leave your empty crisp packets into the school reception or send them in with a student. Not only are TYs playing their part to help the homeless they are also helping the environment as it takes 80 years for one crisp packet to decompose! Play your part for the homeless and environment! Treat yourself to a packet of crisps and please donate the packets to OLSS.