Student Gathering

On Tuesday morning, 27th April, the first ever virtual gathering of Students from CEIST schools all around Ireland was hosted online.  We were delighted to see such huge numbers of students join us from each of their schools, accompanied by their Teachers, Principals and in some cases Chairpersons.

Exciting”, “Enjoyable”, “Insightful” were just some of the comments posted on the Chat function following the input from Professor Luke O’Neill, School of Biochemistry and Immunology at Trinity College, who joined the meeting to offer encouragement and advice as the country begins to open up, answered questions and reassured the gathering noting thatEveryday that goes by we are beating the virus”.

Professor O’Neill’s insight with regards to the situation in the Developing World and those from among the most underprivileged sections in our own society gave food for thought.  Students reacted spontaneously, reflecting the CEIST charism, when they spoke of the need for “Caring, Connection and Courage” and the audience was most taken with the powerful contribution from the St. Mary’s High School, Midleton, Co. Cork, representative who noted that “A just world is not created from awareness of a situation but rather a just world is born from action”.