Challenge to Change 2016-2017

As part of our new transition year module of Geography, we are involved in a national project which is known as Challenge to Change lead by the presentation sisters. This project is undertaken by students from both secondary and primary schools across the country. The class of TY2 under the guidance of Ms Hough and Ms Nolan decided to base their project on The Syrian Refugee Crisis. The entire class feels strongly about this topic and have enjoyed learning about this issue. We have raised awareness about this problem which is a reality for millions of Syrian people today.

To get the project under way the class was divided into committees. The following committees were put together in order for us to complete our Challenge to Change project. The committees are as follows: research, poster/art, blog, raising awareness, education and lastly the survey committee. Each of these committees have been very important for us to do this project and were essential to the success of our project.

TY1 and TY2 are participating in this years module, under the instruction of Ms. Nolan and Mrs. Hall.

On February 20th 2018, Sr. Evelyn Byrne attended our class  our classroom and instructed and advised us on the project encompassing Challenge to Change.We are looking forward to setting ourselves this challenge to raise awareness about our chosen topics