Mont St. Michael Claremorris News – February 2020

As a new term gets underway it is busy as usual in Mount St. Michael. The school is a hive of activity.
The biggest news is that our new extension is finally ready and the excitement is palpable as we prepare to move in.

New Extension

We are delighted that a brand new extension has just been completed. It gives a 21st century feel to our school that continues on into the learning experience of the students in the new state of the art Home Economics kitchen and three cutting edge new classrooms. The offices adjacent to the new entrance and lobby to ensure that you are welcomed at the door! Our new building is fully wheelchair accessible. We have a beautiful stained class feature in the new extension created from the stained glass rescued from the old convent and a water fountain helps our school move toward being “plastic free” as our students tackle climate change.


Mercy Leaders at MSM

Our recently commissioned Eucharistic Ministers have been promoting catholic schools week and also promoting the catholic and Mercy ethos in our school. The Mercy leaders offered ashes to students on Ash Wednesday.


Why I decided to become a Minister of the Eucharist


I decided to become a Minister of the Eucharist because this way I could get the opportunity to become more involved in my church community. I am also participating in the John Paul II awards, which requires you to undertake various activities within your parish. I decided that I would use this as an activity going towards my award. I did not know what this role consisted of and was curious to learn more about it. I also wanted to develop my faith in the Catholic church.


Visit In from Lucy Hannon

Lucy Hannon is a LGFA Footballer for Galway. Lucy’s local club is Dunmore Machales. Lucy came to our school as part of the Lidi serious support programme to share her experience and stories through sporting experiences. She gave a very emotional, motivating and inspiring talk to the young LGFA players in our school about her past. She spoke about the good times in her life and all the opportunities that came her way from her skillful talent with gaelic football and soccer. Lucy opened up to us and really wanted us to have an inside to her past in a positive and lonely way of what her life was like going away on a scholarship to america missing all her loved ones. The girls found Lucy’s talk mental and physical brillent to listen too. Her footballer session in the gym was also helpful for any of the young girls wanting to improve their football skills.


Operation Disconnect

This week is ‘Operation Disconnection Week’ in Mount Saint Michael. The theme of the week is disconnect to reconnect. Our wonderful students Ciara McHugh Murphy and Lara Quirke are the driving force for the event with the TY students and teachers facilitating them, where necessary. Ciara and Lara have abandoned their smartphones for the month of February and have been sharing their experiences with the students. They are inspirational young girls and we are very proud of them. The aim of the week is to encourage students to limit their phone usage and screen time and promote positive mental health for all our students in all aspects of life. The students have been completing in activities and talks and this will continue throughout the week. A special thanks to Elaine Browne from Perspective who spoke to the girls about the importance of well being. Also, thanks to Sean Ryan and Kieran Naughton from the drugs task force for their talk about the use of drugs and the effects of drugs on your overall wellbeing.