Presentation College Carlow News – November 2019

Amazing Brains Study Workshop

All First Years participated in a study skills workshops on Wednesday 6 November 2019 in the school library. Students were taught how their ‘amazing brains’ work. They practiced techniques and developed skills to enhance their learning in all subjects. Teachers present helped students link the material to their subject. Thanks to the Parents Council who supported the workshop.


Maynooth University Awards Entrance Scholarship to Oliwier Dulawa

Oliwier Dulawa, Carlow pictured at the recent Entrance Scholarship Ceremony with Prof Aidan Mulkeen, Vice President-Academic, Maynooth University

The annual Entrance Scholarship Ceremony recognised the academic achievements of almost fifty First Year students in their Leaving Certificate exams, as well as scholarships for the Bachelor of Music and Equine Business degrees.

Oliwier is a former student of Presentation College, Carlow and is currently studying Pharmaceutical & Biological Chemistry at Maynooth University. Students who achieve 550 points or more in their Leaving Certificate examinations are awarded €1,000. We would like to congratulate Oliwier on this achievement and wish him the very best in his studies and future career.


Open Evening

On Monday 11 November the staff and students of Presentation College opened their doors to welcome visiting primary school pupils and their parents. The annual open day is always a wonderful opportunity to showcase our school and to meet the next generation of students. On Friday of the previous week all First Year Geography students displayed their projects in the hall and their parents came in to view them. While parents were naturally most interested in their own child’s project, there was a great buzz as they walked around the hall examining projects and speaking with pupils. The prize winners were announced by Mr Murray. Matthew Hosey came First with a superb project on the Amazon Rain Forest. Sophie Cole came Second with her project on Climate Change. Sarah Glynn came Third with a project on the Water Filtration System.  Students, teachers and parents enjoyed the afternoon and students proudly brought their projects home.

Below are some photos of the Geography Projects proudly displayed by students for all open day visitors.


2019 ISTA Comes First in the Senior Quiz Regional Finals

Presentation College Carlow had nine students, three teams taking part in the 2019 ISTA Senior Science Quiz regional finals in Carlow I.T. during Science week on Thursday evening. There were twenty three teams involved from Carlow, Kilkenny, Kildare and Laois. The students taking part were Scott Egan, Peter Dowling, Luke Drought, Fiona Butler, Julie Becker, Liam Bradley, Laura Donovan, Ellen Dempsey and Daniel Mullhall. The winning team on the night was from Presentation College Carlow and the students were Peter Dowling, Fiona Butler and Scott Egan. The students are delighted to be going to the National Finals in Trinity College College Dublin on the 23rd of November.

The full group and the winning team with teacher Ms Kinsella


Presentation College Launches Young SVP for Fifth Year in a Row

by Aaron Smith

Presentation, Carlow has enabled transition year students the chance to help the less fortunate by joining the Young Saint Vincent de Paul committee for five years now. On Friday the 15th of November College the committee held a launch for Young SVP to inform students that the new committee is elected. They planned a tuck-shop and a “guess how many sweets are in the jar” competition for students to come to during break. The committee thought it would be a good idea to introduce the first years to Young SVP. So, they brain-stormed ideas on how to engage the first years in an event for the launch. The committee settled on a soccer tournament and a “just dance” class.

The committee set up the event and got all the first years to choose soccer or dance, they painted a banner and a “selfie poster” and thanks to Mrs Georgina Maher, they had plenty of stock for the tuck-shop.

Fortunately, the event was a huge success thanks to the committee, the teachers and some other Transition Year students who wanted to help. The soccer tournament and the dancing was a lot of fun for the first years. The tuck-shop was extremely successful. All the proceeds from both the event, the tuck shop, and the sweet jar went towards aiding the SVP charity in its goal to defeat poverty. The committee is comprised of: Jack Curran and Caithlin O’ Carrol as Presidents. Franklyn Allison as Secretary. Doireann Broderick as Treasurer. Nessa Whelan, Darragh Reynolds, AJ Kane and Lucy Behan as P.R.O’s. Rebecca lynch, Ellie Glynn, Emma Cassidy and Aaron Smith as Photographers. The committee is extremely grateful to Ms Ann Coburn and Debbie for giving them the opportunity to run this launch.

SVP 2019 Emma Cassidy, Mr Nolan and Ellie Glynn

SVP 2019 Committee and helpers with selfie board


Amazing Goethe-Institut Sponsored Trip to Berlin

Charlie O’Meara, Abbie Nolan, Niamh Nolan, Sean O’Driscoll, Doireann Broderick, Mr David Doyle and Ms Una Byrne ready to leave for the Airport

Five lucky students from Presentation College are currently spending a week in Berlin courtesy of the Goethe-Institut. Presentation College was selected to represent Ireland in a German Theatre Project earlier in the year. The title of the project is ‘Europa im Wandel’ which roughly means ‘Europe in Transition’. The other countries involved are Denmark, Finland, Scotland and Sweden. There are five students from each of these countries as well as five from Berlin participating in a week-long project culminating in a live performance in Berlin. The working language will be German. The Goethe-Institut is the organisation that promotes German throughout the world. It runs courses and its Irish headquarters and library is in Dublin.

The students involved are Charlie O’Meara, Abbie Nolan, Niamh Nolan, Doireann Broderick and Sean O’Driscoll. They have been collaborating over the past few months with their counterparts sharing videos and research. One of the tasks each country had to complete was to survey people on their attitudes to Europe. We asked ten people eight questions. Below are just three of the questions with some of the answers they received.

If you could visit three countries in Europe where would you visit and why?

  • Russia – the buildings and architecture looks amazing, Hungary – I have always thought it looked interesting and Scotland – I’ve always wanted to go to Edinburgh, it looks so beautiful.
  • Italy – I believe it to be the city of love and I want to go there and see Juliet’s house etc. The Netherlands – I’d like to see more of the country and Greece – I’ve seen so many photos of little towns in Greece and I want to go see them. There are also beautiful sites and tiny roads on the side of mountains, the views are supposed to be amazing!
  • Iceland – To see the northern lights and to see the glaciers. I would also like to scuba dive down between the two continents tectonic plates. Poland – It has beautiful architecture I’d love to see. I’d love to visit cities such as Krakow and Warsaw. Greece- I’d love to go island hopping and to witness the white washed buildings and the beautiful seas!
  • France – Landmarks, Romania – I have friends from there and I would like to see the culture and Greece – History.
  • Norway – to see the natural beauty there, Italy – particularly from its historical point of view and Denmark – from an interest in their agriculture.
  • England – I haven’t been there before, Norway – I’d love to go see the Fjords and Romania – I’d love to go and visit Transylvania.
  • The three countries in Europe I would like to visit are Bulgaria, Lithuania and Greece because these are the only three that I have not yet visited. Although I have been to Crete, I have not visited mainland Greece. Having visited the two other Baltic states, I would like to see how Lithuania compares and contrasts to Estonia and Latvia. What I have recently read about Bulgaria as a holiday destination very much appeals to me.
  • Vatican – to visit Rome to see the Pope and France – to go to Lourdes.


How has Europe changed in your lifetime? 

  • I lived in Germany when the wall came down, so you were able to freely go anywhere you wanted.
  • Not sure. The talk of Brexit, I suppose.
  • When I was born Ireland had just joined the EEC. Travel is now more widely available as well and Ireland has benefitted financially being an EU member state over the years and it has really boosted our economy and our country has grown for the better over the last 40 years.
  • The fall in communism in Eastern Europe is the biggest change by the integration of countries through the European Union.
  • I remember when Britain joined the EEC in 1972 which was then primarily a customs union with emphasis on cooperation between the nations therein for trade purposes. As more countries joined and the EEC became the European Union and its remit expanded, it developed into a much larger internal single market with standardisation of laws, policies etc., a political and economic union of 28 member states. This led to the free movement of people within the Union enabling citizens to travel, live and work with ease elsewhere in Europe.
  • There is a lot more peace and a lot more harmony since the establishment of the EEC now known as the EU and also being able to travel anywhere with mainland Europe while using the same currency (except England).
  • Romania, Bulgaria (2007) and Croatia (2013) joined the EU and became part of Europe.
  • The fall in communism in Eastern Europe is the biggest change by the integration of countries through the European Union.


Where do you think Ireland fits into Europe?

  • “The left hand side of it” We think we are more important than we are.
  • I’m not really sure.
  • I believe Ireland is at the top of the list as we are very forward thinkers, innovative and we take chances as we have just passed two very important referendums in the last couple of years! I feel the eyes of the world are on Ireland as well currently.
  • I think Ireland is at the heart of Europe because we have a very similar political outlook as other countries in Europe. We have a séance of equality with other European countries.
  • Technology has changed a lot in recent years. We now use smart phones instead of flip phones. However there is still conflict example, Russia invading Ukraine.
  • I think Ireland is very ahead rights wise, however compared to Germany with climate change they are very behind as they are only introducing certain things now Germany has had for a while! Also Germany is miles ahead with health as well. In Ireland you might have to wait two years to see a consultant whereas you can go to Germany and see one the next day.
  • Ireland, although a small country has very close ties and fits well in Europe. It has become a more ‘European’ society than the UK, has adopted the currency of Europe and distances are measured in kilometres. Ease of travel from Ireland to mainland Europe has encouraged more families to visit European countries on holiday or for work and broadened the horizons particularly of young Irish people. Since joining the EU, European funding has enabled Ireland to prosper and given the majority of people in Ireland more employment opportunities, better working conditions and a higher standard of living than they had previously. Europe has provided a market for Irish goods in particular agricultural and food products.
  • I think Ireland is at the heart of Europe because we have a very similar political outlook as other countries in Europe. We have a séance of equality with other European countries.


School Trip to Berlin Trip

by Sean O’Driscoll

On my way back from Berlin, Germany I decided to write a report on my experience taking part in the theatre workshop run by the Goethe Institute. This is how it went!

It began on a cold Tuesday morning in Berlin where the rest of the Irish team and I made our way over from the hostel to the theatre. In the theatre we took part in icebreakers. We projected to rest of the group of over thirty students from of Europe our name and where we were from. We then learnt a song in German about how we are all connected and how we are separated by nationality or borders. We then performed a flash mob where we stood holding string where we formed the shape of Europe and sung our song in front of the beautiful Branden Burg Gate.

That night we walked in the freezing cold to a Christmas market! That was extremely interesting because it was nice to see the German food and culture and be able to witness it myself!

On Wednesday we all woke up with stuffed noses and sore throats! We just weren’t able to handle to enormous difference in temperature! We made our way to the theatre again where we worked on script work and improvisations. One of the scripts was titled “Mall of Shame”. This scene explained the history of the mall and how it was built. We came up with an improvisation about two people discussing how they have to move to Germany for work which I think is represents Europe very well. A lot of people study or work abroad and some people have to travel and be separated from their families so this scene I believe was very relatable.

On Wednesday night we decided to go to bed early and recharge the batteries.

On Thursday we did a full run through of the show with the actors only. We tried our best to say our lines without the script in order for us to become more familiar with the lines. I found it difficult as it was not my first time having to speak German but it was first time having to perform in German.

On Thursday night we went to the Berlin Opera House and saw a magnificent production of the ballet “The Nutcracker”. It was my first time seeing a ballet and I would love to see it again.

Friday was the big day! It was the day of the performance. I was very nervous as other schools from Berlin were coming to see the show and I knew I was judged on my pronunciation and my understanding of the text. Thankfully I got through it with “an honourable and an impressive performance”

That night we all went for dinner so we could say our goodbyes to those organising the workshop and those we took part in the workshop with.

On Saturday we went to visit “Checkpoint Charlie” and the Berlin Wall. I really enjoyed this part a lot because now I had a greater understanding of the German food, culture and their history.

We flew back to Ireland on Sunday 17th with a warm welcome from all our families.

I am so happy I was given the opportunity to travel on this trip with other talented performers and I will be forever grateful to Mrs. Byrne and Mr. Doyle of Presentation College, Carlow.

Group in Berlin

Group at Brandenburg Gate – Sean, Charlie, Niamh, Abbie, Doireann and Teachers Mr Doyle and Ms Byrne

The Berlin Theatre Group just before the performance

Arriving home


Presentation Day

Nano Nagle – Founder of the Presentation Sisters

Presentation Sisters and friends of Nano Nagle, all over the world, celebrate the Feast of the Presentation of Mary in the Temple on the 21st November each year. Nano Nagle wanted to help the poor she saw around her in Cork. Determined to help to educate them, both to improve their lives and to deepen their faith, in spite of the dangers she faced because of the Penal Laws, she opened her first school in 1754 with an enrolment of thirty-five girls in a two-room cabin.

Nano taught the children during the day and visited and nursed the sick by night. As a result, she became known in Cork as the “Lady with the Lantern”. Believing that this work must be continued after her death, Nano founded the congregation now known as the Presentation Sisters in 1775.

Nano Nagle responded to the needs of her time by setting up schools and developing a curriculum that catered for the needs of her students. Today, Presentation College, Carlow endeavours to respond to the needs of its students. Today, Presentation College is a co-educational voluntary Catholic secondary school which caters for pupils of all religions and backgrounds. We aim to provide our pupils with an education that equips them for life and living in the modern world.

On Presentation Day students and staff participated in a wonderful mass organised by the Religion and Music departments. Students were involved in all aspects of the mass. Head Girl –  Meadhbh Broderick and Head Boy – Charlie O’Meara welcomed everyone to Askea Church.

Presentation Day Mass in Askea Church

Tapestry Detail from the Nano Nagle Tapestry in school


ISTA Senior Science Quiz

Scott Egan, Peter Dowling and Fiona Butler at the ISTA Science Final in Trinity College

Three students represented Presentation College in the ISTA Science Quiz in the Biomedical Institute in Trinity College at the weekend. Scott Egan, Peter Dowling and Fiona Butler represented themselves and their school very well. They came in the top ten. Ms Kinsella accompanied the students and they were congratulated by Principal Mr Murray, who also travelled to the event.


College Awareness Week

Throughout the week students engaged in a wide variety of talks and activities organised by the Careers Department. There was a display organised by the Transition Years in the Entrance Hall. Students could talk to the Transition Years and get information on the many colleges and courses in Ireland.

Outside each classrooms is a small poster indicating what and where the classroom teacher studied. Students are always amazed at the varied options and pathways into teaching. On our staff we have teachers who qualified and worked in other areas before deciding to become a teacher. This expertise and experience is of great benefit to the students and the school.

On Tuesday Fifth and Sixth Years visited the Dolmon for the Careers Seminar.  This was both informative and enjoyable.

On Thursday all teachers spent the last fifteen minutes before break talking to students about their own college experience. The topics included what the teacher had studied and where, their experiences of college, as well as tips and advice around college life, tutorials, choosing modules and assignments and exams. This happens each year.

On Friday our Transition Year students were brought to WIT to learn about the facilities at the college.


Super Games Programme for Second Years


Brendan Hayden and Damien Jordan, Carlow GAA Development Officers have introduced the Super Games program to some of the Second Year PE classes. This involved Strength and Conditioning, Pella and Hurling.