St Marys Newport Christmas Celebrations

Kindness Week 2017

Kindness week officially takes Place in St Marys Newport from the 18th- 22nd December 2017. In the lead up to Christmas both staff and students entered into the spirit of Christmas by pledging to be even more thoughtful and kind for the final week of school before the Christmas holidays. The advent season prepares us for the coming of Christ but is also a time to acknowledge those around us in our school community and extend a Christmas wish to them. This year instead of the traditional Kris Kringle students were to extend an act of kindness each day of the week to their chosen person. Staff also got involved by writing a ”Thank You” note to staff members who have helped them in anyway this week also.

Tree of Hope

The Tree of Hope this year was a Transition Year initiative. The tree was decorated with the symbol of the hand representing extending the chosen message to the world and to those in our school community. Words such as Hope and Love were printed on one side with a Christmas wish for the world written by students printed on the back. The tree became a focal point in our school lobby reminding us of our Ceist values of creating community and showing respect for every person.