Amber Farrell wins CEIST Award 2019

Pictured above are Sr Kathleen Friel, Amber Farrell and Sr Kathleen Hunt

Every year at Sacred Heart School Westport we bestow the CEIST award on one of our students. The CEIST Award goes to students who exemplify and embody the ethos of the school – students who through their actions and interactions with others show a commitment to kindness, respect, care compassion, justice and inclusion. This always prove a difficult decision as many, many students show this spirit in so many different ways every day – from a smile to a hello, offering a helping hand to another student, being a caring and kind presence each day. The recipient of the CEIST award is selected by the teaching staff and this past May, Amber Farrell was selected for the award.

Amber was also the recipient of The Mercy Award. That award goes to the student who, in an outstanding way and through lived witness, keeps the spirit of mercy, solidarity, respect, compassion and inclusion going in school life on a daily basis. It also goes for creating awareness of our environmental responsibilities and showing leadership in action to promote environmental protection and sustainability.

Amber’s passion for stewardship and care for the environment was unsurpassed during her time with us in SHS Westport. She spoke with such enthusiasm and vigour when encouraging others to realise that the time is now for us to act on climate change. She was also the embodiment of the Golden Rule: Always treat others as you want to be treated. She was inclusive and mindful of the needs of her fellow students.  We look forward to hearing of the future exploits of our very own Greta Thunberg-Amber Farrell.